Our Purpose

The Canadian Halotherapy Association is committed in assisting individuals to rediscover the strengths of alternative healing. Today, there is a constant trend presiding, where Western Society constantly seeks out prescribed medication as a solution to their issues. As a result, society has failed to look at the resources; like minerals given to us through nature. It is our goal to help individuals discover the meaning of Halotherapy; absorbing salt through regular breathing. It is our vision to make society recognize a holistic approach to their health, where Halotherapy is a means of aid and prevention.

At the end of the day one thing is clear, we want a world that breathes easier and lives a life free of health ailments.

Be A Part Of Our Wellness Community

Being an association dedicated to making Halotherapy a powerful place within the medical community, we welcome you to explore and be a part of a solution that has been recognized and respected in European culture for over 150 years. By becoming a member, you will not only develop the knowledge, skills, and professional preparation within the wellness community; but you will help the world get one step closer in recognizing the significant benefits of Halotherapy.

Who We Are

The Canadian Halotherapy Association wants you to be a part of an institution to be proud of. That’s why we have gathered the best individuals to work together to fund research and educate society on the benefits of Halotherapy. It is through our experts that the CHA will become an organized voice to convey Halotherapy’s benefits, results, and progress regularly.

Wojciech Chalcarz

Wojciech is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Salt Caves Canada Inc.

Patryk Chalcarz

Patryk is the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Salt Caves Canada Inc.

Dr. Kenneth Groves

Dr. Kenneth Groves is the Chief Medical Officer at Inspire Health Niagara

Dr. Katarzyna Kwiatkowska

Katarzyna is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in Halotherapy

Upcoming Events

Come out to hear our experts talk about the healing benefits of Halotherapy and take part in community events for natural holistic living.

Learn About Halotherapy

Read Impact Stories

These accounts include mothers of sick children and allergy sufferers. Many people are becoming aware of the healing properties of breathing salt. Together we are all a part of one story to bring these benefits to the rest of the world.

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Receive information regarding Halotherapy and advocate for our cause! We put your voice on the front lines of changing the medical industry and making Halotherapy more accessible to everyone.