Our Purpose

The Canadian Halotherapy Association was created to help foster an accessible and customary doctrine of alternative medical therapies. We know that these changes can compliment, counter, and challenge traditional medical practices. The current mindset reacts to conditions with prescribed medicine, when a more proactive and holistic approach would not only aid in patient recovery, but prevent issues before they arise.

Be A Part Of Our Wellness Community

Through awareness and recognition, Halotherapy can become a more powerful place in the medical community. An association like CHA can act as an organized voice to convey Halotherapy’s benefits, results, and progress. Not only does this allow more people to benefit from an alternative healing approach, but it can also lend weight to the serious medical benefits Halotherapy has to offer.

Our Experts

Our experts are the creators of Healing Salt Caves. These caves are fully functional and are the physical representation of the Halotherapy treatments available. However, the community and network the CHA is building will combine business professionals, medical colleagues, and clients together, to help in transitioning Halotherapy from a topic to a real treatment option.

Learn About Halotherapy

Read Impact Stories

These accounts include mothers of sick children and allergy sufferers. Many people are becoming aware of the healing properties of breathing salt. Together we are all a part of one story to bring these benefits to the rest of the world.