Together, We Are A New Voice In The Medical-Holistic Industry!

Lets transform the way the world views Halotherapy together!

Our association is committed to educating the public on the benefits of Halotherapy and spreading a positive message about its’ future. Collaboratively we have put together information to illustrate the wide range of benefits Halotherapy can have on your health and well-being.


Our Goal

Our world is consumed by the pharmaceutical companies influencing us to take medication that stabilizes our symptoms rather than heal us. By creating a strong network, our goal is to pave the way to a complementary, holistic and alternative perspective of health sustainability and development through research, education, policies, and program.

How has Halotherapy Changed Lives

Our Promise

As the Canadian Halotherapy Association begins its journey, our team and experts are constantly committed to helping you rediscover the true meaning of salt. The Canadian Halotherapy Association is one of the first organization in Canada working to promote, manage and prevent health conditions through holistic and natural approaches.

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We Want to Save Lives

We are striving to make Halotherapy a recognized form of treatment. We want people to recognize Halotherapy not only as just a word but a place to transform, treat & relieve health problems all over the world.

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