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Because of Halotherapy, I Have More Energy

“Before Halotherapy my doctors told me I had a chronic lung disease also known as bronchiectasis. After my diagnosis, I was bed written for 3 weeks with a lung infection. However, even after I got better, the cough continued. This is where I was recommended to try Halotherapy. It was just after a week of treatment I sounded better and experienced no bad coughing spells. It really worked for me. My breathing got better and my sleep got better. I especially noticed a change in my morning cough; it was just gone. I was waking up clear and didn’t spend the first hour of my morning coughing. I even used to have trouble going to up the steps in my own house. Because of Halotherapy, I have more energy and less fatigue doing simple tasks. For individuals who also have had respiratory problems like myself, you know that means the most. Bottom line, I am much more energetic, and I feel amazing.”

— Halotherapy Believer


Since the moment I signed him up, It's amazing the changes I have seen

“ Before Halotherapy, my son had serious sinus problems. He has been congested since birth and it was beginning to affect his speech. Our doctor told us that a procedure would have to be done to help with my son’s condition. Not wanting to see my son go through so much pain I decided to find a different alternative to give my son relief; which I began to learn about Halotherapy. Knowing that there is an alternative to a serious and invasive surgery, I knew I had to bring my son. Since the moment I signed him up, it is amazing the changes I have seen, He is talking much more clearly since he was able to breathe. He had a few days of serious sinus draining but the benefits are worth it. He tells me, “Mommy I can breathe now. I don’t talk funny anymore”. So, thank you for helping my baby boy avoid a very invasive surgery. I am sincerely grateful. ”

— Mother


Within the the first year of Halotherapy, I felt a relief of all my allergy symptoms

Before the Healing Salt Cave existed, the owner (Wojciech Chalcarz) himself struggled with seasonal allergies every year. Anyone who knows him well, knows how much he dreaded when Ragweed Season rolled around; and anyone with allergies knows the feeling of all those unwanted symptoms that follow: itchy eyes, runny noses, congestion, coughing, sinus pressure, etc. During these times he was constantly searching for relief and he was able to find it with over the counter medications like Claritin. Although these medications worked, the big thing about them was that they only provided TEMPORARY relief and as a result, Wojciech constantly found himself needing more.Building his first Healing Salt Cave, he finally found that long-term treatment that he needed. By operating his very own business he was able to obtain the true therapeutic properties of Halotherapy within a Healing Salt Cave. The more he spent inside inhaling the salt particles, the less he needed his Claritin medication and until one day, he stopped using it. Ever since then, he has never picked up any over the counter drugs for almost seven years!