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History and Background of Halotherapy

The Beginning of Halotherapy

The therapeutic usage of salt caves began at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland in 1843. A local physician began observing that the miners working underground had drastically reduced levels of respiratory ailments and other illnesses. Dr. Boczkowski thus pioneered the research into the effects of Salt and Iodine Inhalation; ultimately concluding the therapeutic benefits […]

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How & Why Halotherapy Works

Why Is Halotherapy The Most Recommended Holistic Treatment

Halotherapy Within An Active Salt Cave The primary acting factor in Halotherapy is the inhalation of Dry Salt Aerosol. A generator, which by means of mechanical actions, crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into micron-sized particles. This creates a dry salt aerosol between the size of 1 to 10 micrometers (smaller than particles contained in cigarette smoke). […]

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Types of Halotherapy

It's More Than Just Breathing

Halotherapy can be defined as an alternative treatment that involves the inhalation of micro sized salt particles. Yet, it is evident that Halotherapy goes beyond inhalation and can be broken down into two categories; dry halotherapy and wet halotherapy.   Dry Halotherapy   Dry Halotherapy is a form of treatment that occurs in a man-made […]

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Introducing the Salsano Halogenerator

A Deeper Look Into the Halogenerator DC-407

The Salsano Halogenerator may be similar to many generators on today’s market that produces a highly-disperse dry salt aeosol. Yet, two distinctive features make this generator the hottest one of the market.   Recognized Class II Medical Device License 1. Poland and the European Union has recognized and licensed the Salsano Halogenerator as a CLASS […]

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Active vs. Passive Salt Caves

Understanding Each Type of Cave's Therapeutic Properities

Although an Active Salt Cave and a Passive Salt cave can be highly decorated with Salt Lamps and Himalayan Salt – it is specific characterisitcs within the Cave which determine how much therapeutic properities exist.   Active Salt Cave   Active Salt Caves produce active Halotherapy by having 4 main characterisitcs within the room that […]

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